Dec 242016

Take the analogies test, the test is designed to check the knowledge of English language. Good Luck


Analogies Test

This quiz consists of a pair of words  that are separated by a colon and followed by answer choices. You have to choose the best pair of words in the answer choice.

Oct 252016

This quiz is for

  • To asses knowedge in biology
  • To prepare biology examination
  • To get basic knowledge of biology
  • To prepare for matriculation examination
  • To prepare for MCAT examination
  • To prepare for PPSC examination

The quiz is about biology and it is based on basic knowledge of biology.

1. Which one of them is the micromolecule?


2. Logical consequences of hypothesis are called


3. Human eye can differentiate between two points which are 


4. The area of environment in which organisms live is called


5. A picture taken through a compound microscope is called 


6. Organelles assemble together to form a


7. Resolving power of compound microscope is 


8. A light microscope can magnify an object about times


9. Volvox is a green alga found in water which show


10. It is a uniform or constant fact of nature


Oct 092016

Quiz about basic knowledge of Biology

These quizzes are beneficial in preparation for the following categories

  • Matriculation examination preparation in biology
  • To obtain basic knowledge of biology
  • Biology subject preparation
  • Punjab Public Service commission (PPSC) examination preparation
  • To improve biology knowledge
  • These quizzes are helpful in preparation of MCAT examination
Please go to Biology Quiz 01 to view the test
Sep 172016

Biotechnology 01

Biotechnology is an emerging field of biology which is used to make bio materials useful or enhance production. Biotechnology has helped in increase of crops production and variety. Here are questions about biotechnology knowledge. There are ten number of questions in each set. Time for each question is 30 seconds. Take the test to check your knowledge of biotechnology. Good luck

Sep 122016

This quiz can be useful for the following

  • Biology examination preparation
  • Medical Category Admission Test (MCAT) preparation for MBBS admissions
  • Matric examination preparation
  • Admission test to university or school 

Ecology 01

This quiz is about basic knowledge of ecology and ecosystem.

Sep 082016

Reproduction in Plants – Quiz

Take this quiz for 

  • Biology quiz test examination
  • Botany examination
  • Plant biology knowledge test
  • MCAT test preparation
  • Matriculation examination test preparation

Reproduction in Plants

This Quiz is about reproduction in plants. Questions are given from basic knowledge of reproduction processes in plants. There are total 11 questions. To pass you need to answer only 07 questions correctly. Good luck

Sep 072016

School Management

This quiz is about school organisation and classroom management. You can take this quiz to increase your knowledge of this subject.

Aug 272016

Cell Biology Basics

This quiz is about basic knowledge of cell biology. There are twenty total number of questions. You are required to pass at least 15 out of these 20 questions.

Aug 272016

Gaseous Exchange

This quiz is about gaseous exchange of living thins. This quiz is beneficial for basic learners of  biology subject as gives basic knowledge of biology. Try to take quiz to know your ability in biology. Good luck.