Oct 092016

Quiz about basic knowledge of Biology

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  • Matriculation examination preparation in biology
  • To obtain basic knowledge of biology
  • Biology subject preparation
  • Punjab Public Service commission (PPSC) examination preparation
  • To improve biology knowledge
  • These quizzes are helpful in preparation of MCAT examination

This quiz is about biology branches and introduction. Good luck

1. Interdisciplinary science is the form which means


2. Scientific books named ‘Al Nabatat’ and ‘Al-Hywan were written by


3. In which book God has given hint about the origin of life from water


4. The first muslim scientist who studied animals in detail was 


5. The branch which deals with form and structure of living organisms is called 


6. From all elements occur in nature how many are called bioelements


7. Percentage of carbon element in the protoplasm of living organism is 


8. Bu Ali Sina wrote a book 


9. Entomology is the branch of science which deals with 


10. The study of bacteria and viruses comes under which branch?


Sep 122016

This quiz can be useful for the following

  • Biology examination preparation
  • Medical Category Admission Test (MCAT) preparation for MBBS admissions
  • Matric examination preparation
  • Admission test to university or school 

Ecology 01

This quiz is about basic knowledge of ecology and ecosystem.