Oct 252016

This quiz is for

  • To asses knowedge in biology
  • To prepare biology examination
  • To get basic knowledge of biology
  • To prepare for matriculation examination
  • To prepare for MCAT examination
  • To prepare for PPSC examination

The quiz is about biology and it is based on basic knowledge of biology.

1. It is a uniform or constant fact of nature


2. A light microscope can magnify an object about times


3. Logical consequences of hypothesis are called


4. Human eye can differentiate between two points which are 


5. Resolving power of compound microscope is 


6. Organelles assemble together to form a


7. Volvox is a green alga found in water which show


8. Which one of them is the micromolecule?


9. A picture taken through a compound microscope is called 


10. The area of environment in which organisms live is called


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Aug 272016

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